TCS 18 – Portraits – Lady Dunrossil 002


在澳门手机网投 - 手机网投app下载的30年


This is a 30-year story of ‘friendship and knowledge’ overseen continually by one driven Lady – Mavis, Lady Dunrossil.  Born in July 1929, she has devoted much of her career to Gloucestershire politics and the education sector with time served in the diplomatic service. An Oxford graduate in History (she actually saw Roger Bannister run the four-minute mile), she served as a Gloucestershire County councillor for over 30 years including chairing the County Education Committee. She was Chairman of County for several years, before retiring at the age of 80. She has also devoted over 30 years to the governing body of The Cotswold School, including 23 years as Chair. Even now she still finds time to sit on the 金融, Pay & Performance and Teaching & Learning Committees as well as being a Governor and former Chair at catchment primary school Withington. Lady Dunrossil has fought many battles in the county and been a prominent figure handling crises. Of note was her tenacious and driven vision that the ‘rural’ Cotswold School must be an 11-18 non-selective comprehensive. The local Grammar School based in Northleach was to close and as Chair of this school, she was then appointed as Chair to oversee the amalgamation of this school with Bourton Vale Secondary Modern School, based in Bourton-on-the-Water. Many thought this should be an 11-16 school with those wishing to study 一个级别 travelling to Cirencester some 16 miles away.  Lady Dunrossil fought the fight for an 11-18 school.  She won and where many thought she would then fail, thirty years on is a school where she has:

  • 三名为任命校长
  • 监督的一系列发展阶段性规划,看到这项工作的成果
  • 那所学校已经出现了四人获优秀教育标准局资质认证
  • 观看瞳孔数从450于1988年飙升到2018年超过1300
  • 跟着澳门手机网投的成功,并继续增加牛津剑桥和罗素集团候选人展示位置
  • 考试成绩,从不断壮大,包括赢得星期日泰晤士报综合学校喜悦2015 - 2016年这是在上一年级* /一GCSE和A * -b基于在一定的水平